For the past few years, FACE Stockholm has partnered with Iggesund, a (fellow Swede!) paperboard company completely 100% dedicated to sustainability. Their paper products, used as boxes for our products, are sourced from sustainably managed Swedish forests, meaning they put back in to Mother Earth exactly what they take out. Iggesund Mill itself is actually biofuel-powered. Needless to say it’s a company we are extremely proud to be working with, and delighted to place our products in, as we know beauty starts with the product packaging.

“I grew up in an extremely environmentally conscious Swedish home, meaning that every single scrap of paper needed to be disposed of in the right recycle bin- nothing went to waste- not-a-thing! This is in our Swedish DNA- we nurture nature and seek out to be close to it, and therefore we need to be extra careful and respectful to not disrupt Mother Nature. Iggesund was such an obvious choice for us. We didn’t hesitate for a second, and to see them care for a seed of a tree and look at the forest like its their baby made our hearts burst even more. This relationship is here to stay,” Martina says, looking at photos from their last visit to Iggesund.

To get Iggesund’s take, we asked Jessica, their Marketing Lead, on why they think Iggesund and FACE Stockholm are so compatible:

“It’s all about having the right chemistry and similar values, but both parties also need to feel that they gain from partnering and thus develop and/or learn from it. I felt a strong connection when we met Martina and Gun to discuss cooperation, and again when the two of them came to Sweden for an Iggesund experience. Our Swedish roots, our urge for continuous improvements and wanting to contribute to a more sustainable and, at the same time, beautiful society are reasons for a strong link between us.”

What is Jessica’s favorite FACE Stockholm product?
“My favorite product is the lipstick I got from Martina and Gun when they visited: Sheer. It makes me feel as if I shine.”

Shiny lips to beautiful, sustainable boxes is a win win for both sides of the partnership. What’s Jessica’s favorite thing about working for Iggesund? “They’re a company that gives something back to nature by helping to mitigate climate change. Boxes made of paperboard from Iggesund are far better from a CO2 perspective than plastic alternatives… I just love our STIW: Sustainability the Iggesund Way.”