As soon as the weather permits, the Swedes start pedaling.  This practical and preferred mode of transportation finds people of all ages and all professions spinning their wheels.  That being said, we couldn’t be more excited to roll out the results of our latest collaboration with Swedish bike company Skeppshult.  Designing and manufacturing classic bikes in Sweden for over 100 years, Skeppshult has teamed up with FACE Stockholm for a second season, to offer their stylish and sturdy ride in elegant colors inspired by shades from the FACE Stockholm nail polish line.

The Skeppshult team had long dreamed of partnering with someone who not only shared their enthusiasm for this two-wheel tradition, but whose creative drive and entrepreneurial spirit would support a partnership founded on true passion and participation rather than just a collaboration on paper.

As soon as they met with FACE Stockholm’s founder Gun Nowak they knew they’d found the right gear to get the wheels in motion.  “Yes, what fun!” was her initial response.  With Gun’s color suggestions in hand, Skeppshult applied their expertise – twisting handles, saddles, and baskets into a finely crafted, classic ride with a 1920’s feel.  And if we do say so ourselves, it’s a real beauty!

7 gears (Shimano) with back pedal brake and roller brake front. LED/diode lighting with hub generator.

Features elegant Brooks England leather saddle, handles and cheerful front wire basket with wooden base and leather grip.



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