Meet Maria Veersasmy

In honor of Women’s History Month we are sharing the first in our upcoming series highlighting incredible women who inspire us.

Meet Maria Veersasamy, friend of FACE Stockholm and CEO of the acclaimed Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn.

Svenskt Tenn was founded in Stockholm in 1924 and is known for its textiles designs, especially those of Josef Frank, which are internationally renowned. Maria’s strong leadership and creativity have continued to grow Svenskt Tenn’s presence and influence as a leader in the industry.

We recently had a fun chat with Maria and are excited to share some of our conversation:

If you could describe your life’s journey (so far) in a few words, what would you say?

Maria: I was born and raised up in small village in the region Småland in south of Sweden. The region is well known for its entrepreneurs and craftsmanship. This has strongly influenced me as a person. The interest of design, craftsmanship and art has I been carried out since childhood.

Regarding that journey, where are you headed?

Maria: Life unfolds in unpredictable phases. We don't know which ones we will get to experience, so it's important to seize each day's opportunities.

When you have free time, what do you like to do?

Maria: To continue to be curious, to enjoy culture and design and to find strength from nature.

What place would you like to visit, that you never have before?

Maria: I haven't seen the midnight sun that you can see from the Arctic Circle and north above, and I'd love to experience that.

What quality do you admire most in others?

Maria: Altruism

What quality do you admire most in yourself?

Maria: I never give up.

And just for fun, what is your ‘desert island’ FACE Stockholm product?

Maria: I have had the opportunity to get educated by the FACE team at Grev Turegatan in Stockholm. They made me drop the old fashion way of using a traditional eyeliner and instead use “the eyeliner brush” and the “Cake eyeliner” – maybe considered to be even more old school, but it gives a softer look when you are aging. I also use the Orange Cream on a daily basis.